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New Titles

Workwise English Quizzes in USB format

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Let’s Connect 2 (June 2019)

High Scorer’s Choice IELTS 5 Practice Tests Series (June 2019)

6 new practice tests in the series

Price – $30.95

Reading and Writing for Everyday Life (July 2019)

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Cutting Edge Communication Series

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Grammar Booster for OET Nursing – Language and Grammar for Effective Communication in Healthcare Settings

Cover page Grammar Booster LR

Authors – Beth McNally & Anne Mackenzie

ISBN – 9780648204305

Price  –  $A 45.95

Pages – 116

Format – Paperback

Published – 23 February 2018

Publisher – ELTWorks

Category – EAP (Nursing)


·         Focuses on grammar structures to boost accuracy and communicative effectiveness in healthcare settings

·         Provides nine units of grammar presentation and practice and one review unit with answer keys

·         Includes Grammar Boost sections to highlight the use of familiar grammar forms in nursing scenarios

·         Features realistic texts, including Letters of Discharge, Letters of Referral, and medical incident reports

·         Designed for pre-service and professional nurses with a minimum English proficiency level of Upper Intermediate (CEFR B2)

·         Can be used for self-study

·         Can be adapted for classroom use as a supplementary resource in Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation and EAP for Nursing courses

Sing with me! Book 3 and CD

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Passages to English 3

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Let’s Connect

An Australian ESL Grammar Workbook 1


An Australian Post-beginner Grammar Workbook that assists students learning English in Australia.

  • It can be used in the classroom, for independent leaning, by home tutors, or with community classes.
  • The units are carefully scaffolded, and each unit connects to the next.
  • The accompanying CD enables students to listen to the controlled dialogues and short stories.
  • This book covers simple present and past tenses, and the present and past continuous tenses.

ESL Extras Series

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EXTRA EASY PUZZLES (Teacher’s Guide and Worksheets)

Looking for fun and lively extension materials for those strong beginners? Extra Easy Puzzles is the latest book in the photocopiable ESL Extras series by Clare Harris, from The Book Next Door.

Based on the puzzles and quizzes in mainstream magazines and puzzle books, Extra Easy Puzzles can help English language learners review basic settlement language, while exploring how simple word puzzles work. Puzzles also offer a reminder of our left-to- right system of writing and give practice in sentence structure.

Extras Easy Puzzles includes:

  • Crosswords, wordfinds, downwords and other common puzzle types
  • ‘Hidden words’ to find
  • ‘Quick Quiz’ pages
  • Jokes, wordplay and ‘Did you know?’
  • ‘Ask a friend’ pair work puzzles
  • Board game pages
  • CD that allows all puzzles to be projected onto a screen or printed

Sample puzzles at

Beginner C (confident or strong beginner). ACSF 1.