Cover page Grammar Booster LR

Title – Grammar Booster for OET Nursing – Language and Grammar for Effective Communication in Healthcare Settings

Authors – Beth McNally & Anne Mackenzie

ISBN – 9780648204305

Price  –  $A 45.95

Pages – 116

Format – Paperback

Published – 23 February 2018

Publisher – ELTWorks

Category – EAP (Nursing)


·         Focuses on grammar structures to boost accuracy and communicative effectiveness in healthcare settings

·         Provides nine units of grammar presentation and practice and one review unit with answer keys

·         Includes Grammar Boost sections to highlight the use of familiar grammar forms in nursing scenarios

·         Features realistic texts, including Letters of Discharge, Letters of Referral, and medical incident reports

·         Designed for pre-service and professional nurses with a minimum English proficiency level of Upper Intermediate (CEFR B2)

·         Can be used for self-study

·         Can be adapted for classroom use as a supplementary resource in Occupational English Test (OET) Preparation and EAP for Nursing courses

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